WorldSID (WS) - 20130410 revision

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Paul Wellicome
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WorldSID (WS) - 20130410 revision

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Updated WS figure. Changed spine temperature main location to THSP.
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Re: WorldSID (WS) - 20130410 revision

Post by pablorq »


Can you, please, update the ISO Codes definition with the new DC0 for ribs displacement?

Thank you in advance...
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Re: WorldSID (WS) - 20130410 revision

Post by DiVe »

Hello Pablo,

Thank you for the hint. We will discuss this on the next meeting and intend to modify the WorldSID figure.
Nevertheless: Actually most datasets still includes only the change in length. So it must be coded with DS0.
But you are right that we all are hoping for the "near" future to generate and analyse datasets with absolute length (DC0)
(and absolute angle :) channels.

In the figure we will try to move the focus to the "DC0" but still provide a comment for DS0 as temporary solution (like on the THOR figure).


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